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Recruitment Service

Human Resources are like natural resources; they are often buried deep.
You have to go looking for them; they are not just lying around on the surface.

- Ken Robinson

HR Recruitment Quotes

The companies that grow fast and steady, knows that it can only be achieved with the right employees. The process of recruitment is not easy to be done alone, but when you have someone who has a proven process to follow, you wind up with more time to concentrate on the more important stuff. We help you build your best team with the right candidates that will fit your business, your budget and the position you are hiring for!

Recruitment Process of Our Consultancy

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  1. Understanding Job Requirements:

    We believe that the key to getting what you want is knowing what you are looking for. Once we receive a requirement from the client, our recruitment team first understands the requirement and any clarifications regarding the same are made with the client. After understanding the requirement thoroughly, it is passed on to the experienced recruiter(s) of that respective field.

  2. Establish Search Strategy:

    Once the job is assigned to respective recruiters, we establish a search strategy as to how to get maximum relevant candidates for the opening and start contacting them.

  3. Short-Listing and Screening:

    Once we receive CVs from the candidates, we screen them according to the company requirement and shortlist the candidates with best suitable profile for the position.

  4. Sharing Client Ready CVs:

    We, then, share the relevant CVs with the client and according to their feedback, shortlist interviews of the selected candidates.

  1. Selection Process:

    Once the interviews are done, the client selects the Perfect candidate for their firm!

  2. Negotiation:

    Once the selection is done, salary negotiations are done with the candidate from either the client’s side or our side and salary package is decided.

  3. Final Placement:

    If everything is in order, the candidate receives an Appointment Letter from the company and welcomes our Candidate to be an Employee at their firm.

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Nothing we do is more important than hiring people.
At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.

- Lawrence Bossidy

HR Recruitment Quotes

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